Privacy Notice

The Really Good Pottery Company.  Privacy Statement 21 May 2018

  1. Introduction

This Privacy Statement tells you how The Really Good Pottery Company collects and uses any personal data.

If you have any questions, or would like to exercise your right not to be contacted by The Really Good Pottery Company , please follow the instructions as set out below.

  1. The website and The Really Good Pottery Company

The website  is a ‘store front’ to my newly established business.   It features pictures and details of ceramics for sale.   It is intended that marketing will be done from the site and our Instagram account.  No personal data is stored here except for the normal cookies which are needed for the website to function.

   However, in time customer details including name, address, email, telephone and payment data will be securely stored by me, on my two computers which are backed-up regularly. Back-ups are kept under lock and key.  These details are also automatically copied to my password protected iPhone and iPad to enable me to respond to customer requests.

The Really Good Pottery Company is a sole trader business.  The Trading address is 10, Clevedon Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT1 3AD. 

  1. Personal data

I do not currently collect or store any personal data although it will be my intention to do so as I build up a customer base.   I will collect personal data as the business requires. You will likely be offered the option to ‘opt-in’ to marketing emails and any other campaigns.  

I intend to respond to customers and any potential customers via email in the first instance, and where appropriate via telephone or other contact details as provided by you.   

If you would like me to remove your email address or any other data about you from my files,  please contact me directly using the link below, and I will ensure you no longer hear from me under your right to be forgotten. 

  1. How and why data might be used 

In addition to customers’ email addresses, I will seek to collect customers’ names, addresses and telephone numbers as these are necessary for the sales/transactions to go through smoothly.  If any invoices are issued to customers then copies of these invoices will be handed to the Really Good Pottery Company’s accountant to enable the production of our annual financial statements and tax returns. We will store this information for seven years after the end of the tax year, as required by law. 

Customer personal data will be securely stored on our computers and in regular back-ups. It will not be used for any other purposes than those to deliver our service to you, maintain the financial records for our business and to answer any future questions that you may have.   If you would prefer your data removed please contact me using the email or street address below.  

  1. How to contact me about your data privacy

Please email me at  or write to me at this address:   The Really Good Pottery Company,  10, Clevedon Road, Kingston upon Thames,  KT1 3AD.